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The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (formerly the London Family Court Clinic) is a non-profit social service agency helping children and families involved with the justice system as victims of crime, witnesses of crime, parties in custody disputes, subjects of child protection proceedings, litigants in civil suits for compensation, teenagers in therapeutic care settings, or youthful offenders. We are known especially for our grounded approach to understanding and helping children exposed to domestic violence.

Welcome to our web site. We have many downloadable resources, suitable for professionals, volunteers, parents and students.

Just released...

Helping a Child be a Witness in Court

Helping a Child be a Witness in Court
Alison Cunningham & Lynda Stevens (2011)

This guide is a convenient overview of essential information needed to support a testifying child. It could also be a training tool for people entering the victim-support field or for victim-support workers who have historically worked with adults. The Centre is grateful for funding from the Department of Justice to support the development and distribution of this resource across Canada.

Our most popular resources...

Helping an Abused Woman

Helping an Abused Woman: 101 Things to Know, Say and Do
Linda Baker & Alison Cunningham (2008)

Of relevance to anyone who works with women any where, the topics addressed give the reader insight into how abuse affects women and gives them concrete ideas to apply in their work including worksheets to use in group or individual work with women. You'll find 10 assumptions about abuse of women in intimate relationships, the reasons all helping professionals should understand abuse dynamics, 10 principles informing work with an abused woman, the 5 paradoxes of abuse, 10 features of listening to abuse disclosures, 10 common control tactics used by abusive men, 10 points about rationalizations for abuse and the messages they send, 5 common characteristics of controling men, 10 points about coping with abuse, 10 thoughts and feelings blocking emotional leaving, and 10 promises not to make to women.


Helping Abused Women in Shelters

Helping Abused Women in Shelters: 101 Things to Know, Say and Do
Alison Cunningham & Linda Baker (2008)

Helping women in a residential program such as a abused woman's shelter, refuge or transition house is a unique opportunity to provide intensive support at a time of crisis and transition. Building on the material in the first "Helping Hands" guide, this second guide is written specifically for those who work in shelters, refuges, transition houses, safe houses and second-stage housing, grounded in an understanding of the unique context and the needs expressed by women. You'll find concrete "tool box ideas" for interventions with women, reference to the latest research, ideas for discussion as a staff team, and worksheets and other handouts to supplement your one-on-one or group work with women.


cover of Helping Children Thrive

Helping Children Thrive / Supporting Woman Abuse Survivors as Mothers: A Resource to Support Parenting
Linda Baker & Alison Cunningham (2004).

This 76-page resource is written for service providers assisting mothers who have survived woman abuse. Material addresses the needs of abused women as mothers, how abusive men parent, how abusive men affect family dynamics, effects of power and control tactics on mothers, the potential impact of witnessing abuse on children of different ages, and strategies used by young people to cope with violence in their homes. Guidance on parenting children who have lived with violence is also offered. Forty-two pages serve as handouts or worksheets for women, as an adjunct to individual or group interventions on abuse or on parenting. Disponible également en français : Pour aider les enfants à mieux réussir.

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